Just Visuals Weddings

Based In south bend, indiana. jvweddings is a film company dedicated to wedding cinematography excellence.

A Sign Of Things To Come

Our Wedding Trailers offer a brief glimpse into our Feature Films. They are a great way to not only have a condensed version of your wedding video but also a way to leave your viewing audience wanting more.

Weddings In Movie Form

Feature Films are for the story lovers. Have your day captured in a way that not just highlights it, but communicates it in story form. Being able to share a 8-12 minute feature film with friends and family, allows the viewer to feel like they were there. Our Feature Films are treated as short films in regards to color grading as well as aspect ratios!

Highlight Your Day


Wedding Highlight Videos are a great way to have your day summed up in a short 4-5 minute video to share with family and friends. From heartfelt speeches to emotional vow readings, highlight videos are sure to evoke pure emotion!



For The Love That Travels Abroad

Have A Story To Tell?


The Love Story is an option for both engaged and married couples to share their story. This video can also double as a "Save The Date" video for newly engaged couples. Answer questions like: How you met, Who made the "first move", How was the proposal? The Love Story is the way to broadcast your story and love to the world all the while having it presented cinematically.