Chazz + Kylie's Castle Wedding

Let me first say, this wedding was absolutely beautiful. The location, the floral, the weather, the trees, the food (yum), the love, the energy and by far the COUPLE! Let’s dive in!

The Day started at the BEAUTIFUL Laurel Hall venue located in Indianapolis, IN.


Per their website: “A part of Indiana’s historical landscape since 1916, Laurel Hall was built as the home to one of Indiana’s wealthiest families. Over time it has played host to an all-girls school, a high-end housing development and a non-partisan government think tank.”

I literally felt like I was in a castle when scouting the venue before the start of the wedding festivities.


We showed up ahead of our scheduled start time to check out the venue, and grab drone shots as it was too tempting to pass up.


Lets jump into this amazing place. The main entrance was populated with photos of both Kylie and Chazz’s baby pictures and couple photos.


As soon as you walked into the venue you could see the order of the wedding. This was unique. Really loved that idea.


The third floor featured the room for the ceremony. Intimate with warm colors, we loved the floors in this section of the venue.


Back outside, we decided to check out the rear of the venue to scope out possible portrait locations for the couple before and after the ceremony. This was on the South East Side of the venue. Beautiful, that staircase was everything.


This portion of the venue was dedicated for the first and open dancing of the wedding. Small and intimate, the wedding had about 150 guests who stood up and lined the walls of the room. There was still plenty of the room. The idea was awesome.


After scouting, it was time to setup one of our cameras for prep coverage of the Bride and Groom as they were set to arrive soon.


Up to the Bridal Suite we go. There was such a nostalgic feel in this room from the antique furniture to window panes, it was a treat to capturing Bridal details there. Here is Kylie’s Dress hanging from the bedpost. We LOVE hangers that feature the Bride’s name. It may seem small but it adds SO MUCH to shot.


After the dress shots, we decided to get ring shots. We try to make these shots unique, especially when we have access to the Bride and Groom’s ring prior to the ceremony starting. The Bride had a really petite glass case with white sand inside of it. We thought it’d be great to capture the rings in that element. We placed them on a nearby desk by a window and in between two objects for aesthetics. It came out wonderful.


The groomsmen were first to arrive, they came dressed so we took them outside to capture photos of Chazz with his guys. You can also see the photographers of Natalie Kunkel Photography staging the shots.


After Groomsmen shots, we received word that the Lady of the Day arrived. Here is Kylie in front of those beautiful window panes with her four Bridesmaids. The colors of the room and their dresses were a great match.


After their First Look, we were able to get some portraits of both Kylie and Chazz together. I decided to get a quick picture with this beautiful couple. Why not?! We love our clients! CHEESE!


Next up was the ceremony. Look at the candle lined aisle!


After the ceremony, it was time to capture Bridal Party pictures. This is always fun as you get a feel for the energy you will see at the reception! “Say Cheese Kylie!”


After Bridal Party Photos, we had the opportunity to get some more time with both Kylie and Chazz, here is a shot from the perspective of our camera of Kylie on the venues steps. STUNNING!


For the reception, we use two of our spot lights to cross light the couple for their first dances. The shots came out great. Look at that crowd of onlookers, we loved the setup!

This wedding was gorgeous beyond belief. We absolutely loved filming at Laurel Hall as it added so much to Kylie and Chazz’s Big Day. We can’t wait to release their Highlight Video!

Thanks for reading!



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