William + Kelly

Feature Film

Wedding Trailer


October 7th 2017

We had the opportunity to capture William and Kelly's Wedding Ocotber 7th 2017. New Harmony,IN is 5 1/2 hours away from where we reside in South Bend, IN so we decided to head there the day before to get a good night's rest before a long day of filming.


Cruise Control is key when driving long distances! 

 To say we were happy to have finally made it to New Harmony, IN would be an absolute understatement.  

To say we were happy to have finally made it to New Harmony, IN would be an absolute understatement.  

We arrived, loaded up our gear and decided to get a few shots of the downtown area as it was very nostalgic.  


The leaders of JVW starting the day with establishing city shots. 


Off to be creative! The town was beautiful, from the shops along the streets to the banks and bars, it really gave off a welcoming vibe.  


Fast forward to the prep of the Bridal party. They got ready at a cozy home not far from the venue of the ceremony and reception, the Rapp Owen Granary. Kelly was an amazing Bride to work with! She was extremely excited about marrying Will and her excitement boiled over into her conversations and facial expressions thoughout the day! 


After grabbing shots of Kelly and her bridesmaids for a bit, we moved on to capture the Wedding Dress and Shoe Shots. It was time to get creative with our compositions and locations.  


There was a beautiful small room not to far away from where the bridesmaids were prepping. The Sun decided to peer through the wooden framed window right onto the carpet beneath it. We grabbed a chair, sat the shoes ontop of it, and caught an excellent shot.  We loved the brick walls and how the shoes stood out by the sprinkle of sunlight. 


Next up was the Wedding Dress. We didn't want to film the dress in the same room as the shoes, so we decided to wander around the house. We then found this beautiful patio area with navy blue walls and wooden chairs. We thought it would be perfect!  


It was time to capture shots of the Will and the groomsmen in their suits. As Alisha Sims Photography set the guys up, we decided to grab bits and pieces of the process. 


Will was an absolute gentlemen and ridiculously funny. One of the biggest senses of humor we've been around all year! 


The Ceremony was amazing and we were able to grab footage of Will and Kelly together for the couple glamour shots. Then it was time to head to the Reception for some dancing!  


Once the night was through, it was time to depart back to South Bend, IN. Yes, a 5 1/2 hour drive back home, but the trip was surely worth it!


Photography: Alisha Sims Photography


Venue: Rapp Owen Granary