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October 14th 2017

Lets start the day near Notre Dame, Maggie and her bridesmaids got ready at the Foundry in the Eddy Street Commons. 


The day started early, around 9AM, just the way we like it, typically an early start means we get plenty of footage. That's a good thing! 


Maggie was absolutely stunning before and after makeup and hair! The hotel room they got ready in was spacious with more than enough things to capture on video for detailing the atmosphere.  


Robe shots? Why yes, thanks for asking.  


My wife was an amazing help. Here she is capturing casual conversations amongst the bridesmaids. Look at that beautiful dress on that door! 


Brad and the groomsmen got prepared at the Saint Mary's Inn on Notre Dame's campus. I also had no idea Brad was a coach for the hockey team there! Whenever I have the privilege to film on Notre Dame's campus, I try and make it quite obvious. Love the color of the shoes by the way. I need a pair! 


I ended up getting some great shots of the Brad and the guys, though before I left for the church, I wanted to get a detailed shot of the cuff links he'd be wearing. Pretty nice shot? I think so! I literally placed the cuff links on a leather ottoman, thought it looked great. 


Saint Monica's Catholic Church was stunning. The architecture was beautiful. Here is a shot of the Bride and Groom right before communion during the ceremony.  


I can go on and on about how awesome zoom lenses are.  


The Cantor of the ceremony was great. 


Lets head over to the reception! There was plenty to capture here as the cocktail hour provided many drinks and laughs. 


One of the highlights of the day was being able to capture Brad and Maggie's wedding alongside Photography by Anastassia. This woman was amazing! Great spirit and attitude, and super relatable, my wife and I had an absolute ball working beside her. Her work is beyond beautiful, please go look her up!


Once the reception started, it was soon time for the First Dance. This was a great angle as we could get some pretty awesome lens flares while Brad and Maggie held everyone's attention around them.  


Beautiful Couple! 

Party time!


As the night was coming to a close, we needed to get the rings for a Macro shot. Loving the fall time colors in the foreground. The rings were sitting atop of a tree stump where the cocktail hour was, looked like a great prop to us! 


For those wondering, the Old Bag Factory was stunning. It's located in Goshen, IN and I personally had not been there until Brad and Maggie's wedding. It is loaded with things to look at and do! Go and visit sometime! 

All in all, we absolutely enjoyed ourselves at this wedding. Brad was extremely easy to work with as was Maggie. The two of them make a wonderful couple and we wish them nothing but the best! Toasts to the Gendels! 

Photographer: Photography By Anastassia

Ceremony Venue: St. Monica Catholic Church

Reception Venue: The Old Bag Factory