-full ceremony-  -Reception highlights- 

Great for couples who just want their full ceremony and highlight events at their reception captured. A three camera setup with audio feeds coming from the main soundboard and various audio recorders around the venue. 

  -Prep coverage-  - ceremony-  -Reception Highlights-

-Highlight Video-

One videographer capturing wedding prep footage up to  4 (four) hours prior to the ceremony. The full ceremony is captured as well as highlighting events at the reception. Highlighting events include anything that takes center stage at the reception, i.e Flower/Garter toss, speeches, entrances, etc.

This package also includes a Highlight Video. this will be a great way to have your day put together in a 3-5 minute video to share online with friends and family!

  -2 filmmakers-  -Ceremony-  

  -reception Highlights-   

-8 to 12 minute feature film w/ wedding trailer-  

-engraved keepsake box w/ Flash Drive-

 two filmmakers covering your day, prep coverage from your desired start time, full ceremony and highlight events at your reception! Not to mention it comes with a feature film and trailer. Feature Films are color graded to look movie like as well captured in a WideScreen aspect ratio. That just means it's getting the treatment of an actual film!