A beautiful couple with an infectious love for one another. Brad and Krista were a complete honor to work with. Notre Dame's campus is filled with beautiful architecture which could only aid Brad and Krista's beautiful wedding day. Not to mention they had one of the BEST first dances we've ever had the opportunity of capturing. Enjoy!

Photography: Brittani Renee PhotographyMusic: "The Climb" by Mike Arnoult

Ben + Katie

It was a true pleasure to capture Ben and Katie's Michigan Wedding. This couple showed their love for one another effortlessly throughout the day, which made it easy for us to capture it on film. The venue was beautiful as was the weather. This was an amazing day!

Photography: Willow Noavi PhotographyMusic: "The Sullivan Canal" by Adrian Walther

Jade + Allison

A beautiful wedding set in the Fall of 2016. This wedding took place at the Fields Clubhouse in Bloomington, IN. Allison was such a stunning bride! Jade was ecstatic to jump the broom as plenty of onlookers witnessed their vows with hearts full of love. Enjoy a sneak peak into their wedding day!

Photography: Tall and Small Photography www.tallandsmallphotography.com Venue: The Fields Music: "Better Together" Jack Johnson

Amadin + Marie

This wedding was unforgettable. The reception decorations were mind blowing. Everything was hand crafted uniquely for their wedding day. Having the ability to film shots of them at the IMA in Indianapolis was super easy due to the fact they had no need to act, their love for each other flowed naturally. Beautiful couple!

Photography: Those McKissics Photography     Venue: Community Life Center   Music: TJ Hill "Harbinger of Something More"

Sam + Mackenzie

Beautiful Couple! I had such a great time capturing this wedding. Mackenzie and Sam were both beautiful souls to work with. Full of love and joy. One amazing moment throughout their wedding day was the vow exchange. Both Sam and Mackenzie's love was spilled all over the alter as tears were shed from them as well as those watching. Such an honor to have been part of their day!

Photography: Hello Rose Photography   Venue: Manchester Church of the Brethren   Song: "Together" by Animal Island

William + Lauryn

August 6th 2016 was the date for this couple. I had the honor and pleasure of filming their "Love Story" video as well a few months back. To see their love solidified in marital unity was amazing. Their day was beautiful top to bottom. The reception was held on the 36th floor of the Chase Tower in Downtown Indianapolis, IN. While the skyline provided breathtaking visuals, the energy from the wedding guests, food, cake and of course the love of William and Lauryn made August 6th 2016 a day we won't forget.  

Photography: Those McKissics   Reception Venue: Chase Tower Music: "Forever Mine" Marie Hines

Michael + Kelsie

The Hallorans! I had a great time capturing this wedding! It was fairly easy to setup shots with this couple as they seemed to be smiling all the time! Super joyous couple, as was the reception. Lots of energy and fun!

Photography: Wes Trapp Photography   Song: "Holding Your Hand" by Mark Beilis

William + Lauryn's "Love Story"

First off, this couple is fantastic. It was great to not only film their Love Story but also be able to hear of their love firsthand. Will and Lauryn wanted to film their interview at BruBurger on Massachusetts Ave in downtown Indianapolis. This restaurant happens to be Lauryn's favorite Burger spot as well as the place Will decided to pop the question!

Phillip + Anna

What a day! This wedding was amazing from start to finish. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was lively and energetic. Phillip and Anna had such a deep love for one another, it was amazing to see their union along with their family and friends! This couple is absolutely amazing!

Photography: Sycamore Grove Photography   Venue: The Finkbiner Gala Barn  Music: "In Love For Life"  Josh Bales

Aaron + Camisha

This was a beautiful wedding. One of the few weddings I've filmed where there are no Bridesmaids or Groomsmen. The fact that the Wedding Party consisted of just Aaron and Camisha spoke volumes. The entire wedding decor was decided on and worked on by Camisha, It turned out fantastic, from the outdoor ceremony to the balloon filled reception. Awesome couple with an undeniable love for one another. 

Photography: Those McKissics Photography Venue: The Avalon Manor Music: "Rise" by Tony Anderson

AJ + Joy

I enjoyed this beautiful couple's energy and willingness to allow me to capture those awesome candid moments. Joy was an absolutely stunning Bride and AJ knew that he had really found someone he could spend the rest of his life with. This day was absolutely amazing and I was ecstatic to be apart of it.

Photography: Alycia Choroszucha Photoraphy www.alyciasea.com Venue: Sauk Valley Resort Music: : "Infinity" by One Hundred Years

Jeff + Desiree

Energetic, Fun, Outgoing and Funny. These are the first four words that come to mind when thinking about this couple. They were great to work with. There were plenty of times where I felt apart of their guest list and forgot we were working! That's how inviting the atmosphere was at this wedding! Enjoy! 

Photography and Still Credit: Those McKissics Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Ritz Charles Music: "I Do" by Holly Maher 

Brian + Erica

Notre Dame was the setting for the Cook Wedding. Beautiful venue, scenery and more than all, beautiful couple. A beautiful ceremony was followed by the father of the bride giving a heartwarming speech!  Go Irish!

Music: "Best part of me" Landon Austin Ceremony: Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Notre Dame, IN Reception: William and Mary Ann Smith Ballroom in Notre Dame, IN Photography and Still Photo Credit: OMG Photography: http://www.omg-photography.com/